The Windsor School

Course Offerings
  6. ART
▪ English Language Learner (ELL) Grades 7-11

▪ Language Arts (Grammar and Writing Skills) Grades 7-11

▪ 7th Grade English (Introduction to Literature)

▪ 8th Grade English (Grammar, Literature, and Writing)

▪ 9th Grade English (Grammar, Literature, and Writing)

▪ 10th Grade English (Grammar, Literature, and Writing)

▪ 11th Grade English (Grammar, Literature, Writing, and SAT Test Preparation)

▪ 12th Grade English (Grammar, Literature, College Essay Writing, and SAT Test Preparation)

▪ English for College (TOEFL iBT Test Preparation)
▪ Pre-Algebra

▪ Algebra I

▪ Geometry

▪ Algebra II

▪ Pre-Calculus

▪ Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB/BC

▪ Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics
▪ Advanced Placement (AP) Physics

▪ Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science

▪ Chemistry

▪ Environmental Science

▪ Living Environment (Biology)

▪ Marine Science

▪ Physical Science

▪ Physics

▪ World Geography Grades 7 & 8

▪ Global History I (9th Grade)

▪ Global History II (10th Grade)

▪ U.S. History and Government (11th Grade)

▪ Economics (12th Grade)

▪ Participation in Government (12th Grade)

▪ Spanish I

▪ Spanish II

▪ Spanish III
▪ Foundations in Studio Art

▪ Portfolio Art

▪ Health Grade 12 (required for graduation)
▪ Physical Education Grades 7 - 12 (required for graduation)
  5. ART

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a semester long class that explores the written word in the forms of poetry, short stories, and scripts. This course is designed to generate artistic expression through words, while training students to become positive and constructive critics. Each unit contributes student work into an artistic and well developed writing portfolio.


Student will view and analyze a variety of quintessential films that have made a lasting impression on America’s society. Students will explore what literature of and film mean in context of a multicultural society.

Public Speaking

Students are introduced to public speaking as an important component of their academic, work, and social lives. Students study types of speeches (informative, persuasive, dramatic, and special occasion), read and listen to models of speeches, and prepare and present their own speeches to diverse audiences.

Advanced Placement Calculus AB/BC

AB: Differential and Integral Calculus Limit, Application Derivatives and Integrals in Geometry and Science.
BC: Sequences-Improper Integrals, Infinite Series-Parametric, Vector and Polar Functions.

Advanced Placement Statistics

A college level course dealing with the analysis of informational mathematical data, exploring and gathering data, probability in statistics, model of inference in statistics, regression analysis, hypothesis and tests.

Advanced Placement Physics

Mechanics; forces; motion; heat waves such as sound, light, lenses, electricity, magnetism, nuclear physics, and lasers; practical application and experimentation.

Advanced Placement Environmental Science

A study and survey of the effects of man on his environment: water pollution, acid rain, depletion of natural resources, air pollution, food pollution, nuclear waste disposal, extinction of animals, analysis of man’s options for the future, etc.. Can environmental technology solve our problems?

Introduction to Business

We will explore the history of business along with its contemporary development. Topics covered include: individual ownership, partnership, stock corporations, money management, consumerism, advertising, marketing, banking services, investments, insurance, contract, property law and possible careers.


Marketing is a half year social studies elective. In this class, students find out what it takes to market a product or service in today’s fast-paced business environment. Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing using real-world business examples, and how products are brought from the idea stage to becoming available in stores or online.

Critical Issues in Society

Current events are studied, but we also explore the historical backgrounds that shaped these events. Included are issues of diplomacy, economics, geography and natural resources, wars, natural disasters, etc. What happens in the global arena may impact our lives at any time.

Pop Culture in the 20th Century

Pop Culture: 20th Century is a half-year social studies elective course. This course is designed to introduce the student to a variety of critical approaches used in the study of popular culture. This course will draw on many students familiarity with popular culture, but will be approached from a scholarly perspective. The overall objective is to explore how popular culture, in all its various forms, not only reflects the world around us but also how it influences the way we perceive the world.

Street Law

Street law is an elective course that provides students with a practical knowledge of the legal system. Students will gain an understanding of how laws are made, how laws are enforced, as well as an understanding of the rights and responsibilities that people have in our legal system. Student will examine laws, analyze case studies, and participate in debates, along with various other activities that are law related.

Critical Issues in Law

Critical Issues in Law is a half-year course in which students will examine many of the topical and controversial legal issues in our society. Students will analyze arguments for and against issues and formulate their own opinions. They will learn to respect the thoughts of others and articulate their own positions on the topic being discussed.

Psychology through Film

Psychology through Film is a full year social studies elective in which advanced analysis and critical investigation of psychological themes is placed on films. Depiction of lifespan development, stereotypes, personality, memory, learning processes, gender identity, personality disorders, trauma, autism, and clinical practice are themes to be addressed.

Creative Crafts

In this art course, students will learn about and experience a variety of materials and methods in the broad fields of crafts. This may include, but not limited to, such areas as macramé, jewelry design, mosaic, bead making, ceramics, printmaking, candle making, and tie dying.

Experimental Arts

Experimental art will be a half year course designed for students who want to explore more options with both non-traditional materials and techniques. This class will result in more abstract artworks and the discovery of unique findings that could be applied to future artworks.

Advanced Placement Studio Art: Drawing or 2-D Design

The Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art course provides the serious art student with the opportunity to create college-level work in drawing, painting, design, computer graphics, or photography. At the end of their senior year, each AP student will create and submit a final portfolio to the College Board to be evaluated. Students may earn college credit for this course, and portfolios may be used as part of their college applications.