The Windsor School


GuidancePicSchool counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As vital members of the school leadership team, school counselors create a school culture of success for all. Our Guidance Staff is characterized by a familiarity with the needs, interests and goals of each student. We are helpful, patient, and maintain an “open door policy” at all times.

School counselors help all students:
  • apply academic achievement strategies
  • manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills
  • plan for postsecondary options

College counseling is an integral part of the guidance department. Our primary focus is to work with students and families to unpack the college application process and to get ahead of it. That’s what makes our system so unique. We’re very proactive in our conversations with students and parents about what to expect and how the process is going to unfold. Students have the opportunity to work with their counselor on a 1:1 basis and have support every step of the way. We know applying to college may be stressful, but we are here to help you navigate it with ease!