The Windsor School

Admissions information for international students

233The Windsor School has been enrolling international students since the mid-1970s. We accept students at the grade level for which they would ordinarily qualify in their home country. Therefore, there is no loss of school work already completed upon transferring.

We have an English as a Second Language (ESL) program with class sizes of from 5 to 7 students. Students progress rapidly and move up the English ladder. Very few of our ESL students remain in an all ESL program for a year. We test English levels regularly and advance students into more mainstream classes as soon as possible.

Capable English Language learners in grades 10, 11 or 12 are placed in English for College. Here we focus on TOEFL preparation, literature, writing and speaking.

In order to issue the I-20 Form, these steps need to be taken:

▪ Complete an online or a paper application.

▪ Send us a full transcript of the student’s original school records with an English translation. Please include a photograph.

▪ Provide a certified copy of a bank statement verifying financial support for one school year.

▪ Include an address where the student will stay in the United States, or if a homestay needs to be arranged, and the approximate date of arrival.

▪ Remit a check or wire transfer in the full amount based on the tuition schedule.

IMG 7269Ideally, the best time to enter the Windsor School is in either September or February. However, we can usually accept transfer students during most of the school year.

If the student is accepted upon receipt of all the above, the school will issue an I-20 Form. This will enable the student to apply for a visa to study at The Windsor School.

In the event the student visa is denied, a full refund, less $300.00 will be made upon the return of the original I-20 and a copy of the denial letter. If a student visa is approved, no refund will be made.