The Windsor School

Admissions information for local students

162Small classes, an experienced staff and individualized programming of students enable the Windsor School to enroll and work with a wide academic range of youngsters. Our graduates attend all manner of universities, colleges and community colleges. The Windsor curriculum is comprehensive and carefully planned to meet the admission requirements for almost all institutions of higher learning.

The application process for local students is as follows:

▪ Call for an appointment to visit the school and meet with the Principal.

▪ Complete an online or paper application.

▪ Provide us with your student’s official or unofficial transcript and a current report card.

▪ If your child did not accompany you on the visit to Windsor School, please bring him or her in for a tour and an interview.

▪ In some instances we may need to administer a placement test.

Since we follow New York State and Common Core Standards, transfer to or from the Windsor School is often a seamless matter. Ideally, the best time to enter the Windsor School is in either September or February. However, we can usually accept transfer students during most of the school year.